How we bring your books to life.

1. The blueprint

Learning about your story

To create a book for you, we really need to get to know you.

Understand your story, your aims. Review the material available to us, to gauge the work that's required. Assess stylistic options to get the most of your material. And of course you get to know us and see samples of our work.

We want you to feel comfortable that we are the right people to bring your book to life. To produce something for you that can be treasured for a lifetime and handed down to your children.

2. The pictures

Making them worth a thousand words

The nitty gritty. Here's where you get to sit back whilst we go through all your photos to determine the best ones to tell your story. If you're a professional photographer with super-sharp and perfectly exposed shots every time, our job is easier. If you're like most people and have a mixture of snaps taken from your compact camera and smartphone, fear not. Here's where we pick the best photos we have to work with, and make them better.

From the basic to the most advanced editing techniques, we are here to make your photos sparkle. Make them look professional. One photo at a time, one page at a time.  Designing a cover you can judge the book by. Laying out your book artistically and professionally, to withstand the test of time. After all, we want your books to last a lifetime.

3. The words

Every song needs lyrics

With the draft layout now ready, it's now time to add the text commentary for the pages.

This is where we try to get you to dive deeper into your memories, to put to paper all the little treasures before time erodes them. 

If you keep a diary, even better. The little memories and details can really add to your book.

4. The book

Time for publication

This is the easy part - at least for us. Waiting isn't easy we know, as by this stage most of our clients simply can't wait to have the book in their hands.

For us, we now hit the big green button and our creation whizzes off to our carefully selected printers for publication. 

From here, it's just a short wait until we deliver to you the finished product - your story, your book.