Your memories, your heirloom.

A definition.

heirbook / k/     (noun)     a book, typically one of a series of books, in which photographs make a significant contribution to the overall content, that has belonged to or is intended to belong to a family for many generations, detailing the life, history, significant events or interests of a person or a family.
- Catch Stories

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What are heirbooks? A mission statement.

Heirbooks are premium photobooks that have been created to be family heirlooms, that tell your family's story from year to year, that include photographs, written text and other memorabilia. They are created:

to beautifully capture the story of your family so that your family's history and memories are not lost between generations;

to help your children, and their children, remember, enjoy and reflect upon the stories of their childhood, give them a sense of belonging, a sense of history, and their place in it; to foster their interest to learn about history and from history;

to help parents and grandparents remember all the cherished memories and moments of their past, the stories that make up their lives;

to bring your family closer together, by capturing forever the love, the bonds and the magical moments within the family.


The inspiration behind the heirbook.

It was shortly after having our first child that we began to feel the need to capture our family memories in a more meaningful way. Starting our own family had changed our lives. We now had entirely new family experiences and memories, habits and traditions. We felt keenly how important these things were, how they comprised the fabric of our family's heritage.

We were building a new story, one which would feature our children and ourselves, and one day possibly our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We felt a deep need to communicate this to our children, to give them something meaningful that would help them to remember the story of their childhood, the story of their family.

We wanted more than just a beautifully framed photograph on a wall. We wanted something tangible that our children would be able to touch and enjoy. Something they could share with their own families one day. We wanted a special kind of book that told our family's story. Something more than the traditional photo album or diaries or scrapbooks that had failed to capture so much of the history of our families. We believed that the technology was here, we simply had to embrace it.

How does one make the book of one's family's life and history?

What book could do justice to the depth of meaning and the subtlety of experience involved in family memories? A run-of-the-mill photobook from a regular photo service was not what we were looking for. We wanted to create something not just good enough for ourselves here and now,  but something that would endure as a family tradition. A passion project for us, and a true family heirloom for each of the families we hoped to have the opportunity to work with.

The book had to tell a story - a family's story. It had to do this through beautiful images and skilfully chosen words and content that captured the day-to-day and the special moments of a family's life, and reminded us of the important events of interest to our family.

Our children needed to be able to enjoy the books and enjoy learning from them, the books needed to inspire an interest to learn more about themselves, their family's history and their place in it - to assist them on the journey of self-discovery. 

And finally, the design and craftsmanship had to be of a standard that would allow the book to be proudly handed down from generation to generation, and inspire our future generations to keep the tradition alive.

We called our books "heirbooks" to reflect our intention for them to be treasured family heirlooms. We designed each element of the heirbook production process with great care, and with a strong belief in the reasons behind each of these elements.

What makes an heirbook?

Images at their best Your photographs are among your most loved possessions. We help you to choose the photos that most evocatively express your family's story. To ensure your photos make an impact, each photo is professionally edited to the highest standards. We understand that most of us are simply not professional photographers, but we want you to be inspired to keep documenting your family's life in the knowledge that we can professionally edit your photographs to the standard of a publication-quality art book.

Words that matter How much more would we remember if we had words to accompany our images? We want our children to be able to learn something new from their heirbooks when they read it at the age of five, ten, twenty or thirty. Imagine a letter to your child, printed next to an image of the first time you held him. Your marriage vows. Regular letters to your children telling them of the events in your lives and in the world, of your interests and theirs, of the people in their lives. Letters from grandparents, or an aunt or family friend. Achievements and milestones. Hobbies and passions - what could inspire children down a path more than the passionate writings of a family member? We're here to inspire and assist you in creating your content every step of the way, so you leave behind a beautiful family legacy.

Enduring design and craftsmanship We wanted to create a book that would take pride of place in your home. That family and friends would pore over, leaf through, and laugh over. A book that would never look dated, and always be a delight to handle. Just like a published art book from a major publishing house, heirbooks are crafted to be handled, loved and used – and to stand the test of time.

A lifetime project A book of memories is never finished. We will assist you with the collection and storage of your cherished memories going forward, so you never miss those shots of your special moments again. Or forget any beautiful detail. And when you are ready, we will help you create future volumes or revise old ones. Every book we produce is digitally backed up so that your heirbooks can be republished at any time.

Create a family heirloom. Keep every wonderful memory alive for your children and grandchildren. Bestow upon them a deep sense of belonging, warmth and love. Gift them this lifetime labour of love.

Join the heirbook revolution.

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