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Photo editing: Give your photos that 'Venture' look

You've probably all seen the modern studio-style photographs - clean white backgrounds, lovely sharp bright images, in vibrant colours or in black & white... and with gorgeously illuminated irises! One of the best known photography studios here in the UK is Venture Photography, if you've seen their work you'll know what we mean. Here's the thing - a lot of the effect for such 'high-key' photographs can be achieved from photo-editing after the photos have already been taken.


We've heard some commentators complain that this style of photography is unnatural or surreal. But we should remember that a (significant) part of photography is art, and that this 'Venture-style' photography does look great as framed prints, particularly in homes with a more modern design. Photography, like art, isn't just about realism.

In this blog article, we'd like to show you what professional photo-editing can do for your everyday homemade photos. We'd like to show you that it's possible to give your family snapshots that look, without having to invest in very expensive studio equipment.

Transform your snapshots into studio photography

We have several examples of this kind of photo-editing that we'd like to share with you. All the photos shown here are of the gorgeous little daughter of a client we're currently working with, thank you for allowing us to share these images!

The first example below was actually taken on a Canon 5D Mark II, an excellent digital SLR that we ourselves use. The photograph itself is a reasonable shot, but perhaps not something you'd think of blowing up and hanging on a wall.

We saw the potential in the image, and with some cropping, editing and conversion to black and white were able to give it a much more evocative and artistic style that we thought could look quite lovely as a framed panoramic wall print.

Yes, the image itself was captured on a very good camera, which certainly makes it easier to perform this sort of editing. But it's not just photos taken on a top SLR camera that can be edited... the next three examples below are simply shots taken from an iPhone 4.

We like the first image below for the girl's expression and joy in having her teether exactly where she wanted it! And of course the cute little hoodie. But the image suffered from the typical under-exposure of having too much white in the shot, and also too much background clutter.

With some editing and cropping, we were able to fully draw attention to that little smile and those gorgeous eyes. Granted that the image quality of a cropped iPhone photo may not be sufficient for a large 40 inch framed print, but you could certainly put this lovely image in a respectable 20 inch frame.

The next example below of our beautiful little model covered in soap suds has very similar issues as the photo above.

Post-edit, it is the simplicity and minimalism that makes the image stand out, and we can see it making a lovely framed print. 

The last example below is a simple snapshot of our little model lying on a bed - we think it's a lovely moment captured with her looking at the camera and those little legs up in the air... absolutely adorable! Here we've cleared out the background and enhanced the lighting to give it the surrealism of a well-lit studio with a white screen.

Photography tips for best results

So what kind of photos would allow us to perform this sort of editing? As you can see, it is possible for photos taken from your camera phone to be edited to look like studio photography shots. Here are some tips for what type of photographs work best:-

  • Try to take photos against a clean background (a white or light-coloured wall works) - it makes the editing much easier and you get better results! Avoid too much clutter in your photos.
  • Try to get sharp photos - for large portrait prints, you really want nice sharp images to work with. Shooting outdoors or in a bright environment helps a lot.
  • If you're using a digital SLR, set your camera to shoot in 'RAW' format rather thah 'JPEG'.
  • Be creative! Or be inspired! For lots of inspiration and ideas, check out our Kid Photography board on Pinterest - we're sure you'll see something there which will make you think, "That's beautiful... and I think I could do that"! Get the shots first, we can help you with the editing later.

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 So if you feel that you've missed out on the chance to have professional photographs taken of your kids at a certain point in time, know that it's still possible to give some of your existing photos that studio effect.

We will be constantly updating our blog with lots of advice about heirbooking and photo editing, so do follow us on Facebook / Google Plus  / Twitter or join our e-mail distribution list so we can let you know about our latest articles!

Also check out our 'Latest Offers' page for details of how to get us to edit your photos for FREE! 

Have you done some editing yourself that you'd like to share? Or would you like to know what can be done for some of your favourite photographs? Do share your thoughts and questions.


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